Oberena Dantza Taldea prepares different shows that can be adapted to the needs of city halls, festivity committees, groups or individuals. These are the most common ones:

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Shows of one hour

Propitious for festivities of villages or any celebration that has a programme. The repertoire of Oberena Dantza Taldea is large and wide, with capacity to prepare a show of one hour. They are appropriate to be performed on a square, a pelota court or a sports centre. In these shows the girls and boys of the group offer a varied dance repertoire, helped by the music of the fanfarre. It is also possible to hire a show of a shorter duration.

Fanfare shows
Within the dance group, Oberena’s fanfarre is also included. Its shows are appropriate to cheer up the streets of the villages with our music. In every festivity or celebration music is indispensable, and Oberena’s fanfare can be a good option.

Shows of children
Similarly to the principal group, the group of children offers shows too. They are normally shorter, but of a high quality. Oberena’s children also have a large repertoire of dances.  

Dance shows 

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Approximately of an hour or an hour and a half, they are shows to offer on a stage; shows of music and dance, which also include light effects. The last shows of this kind were held in Nájera, Barakaldo, Artika, Ziudadela in Pamplona, Baluarte…


Oberena Dantza Taldea offers shows for weddings too. These can be of two types: aurresku or arc. In case of hiring the first one, a dancer and a txistu player will attend to dance an aurresku after the wedding. In case of hiring the second one, a more complete group of girls and boys will attend to make the arc after the aurresku. It is also possible to hire some other dance.

In order to hire Oberena Dantza Taldea send us an e-mail or call the number +0034 664 693 755